Welcome to the Explorers program at Emmanuel Church in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The goal of our new program is to get the children excited about God while learning the bible, applying it to their everyday lives, and developing friendships.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Passports are a fun way for kids to track, and receive modest rewards for,  their involvement in the Explorers program.  Each child has their own passport booklet that stays at church.  Each Sunday their passport can get stamped for attendance.  During each month, if they have memorized that month’s verse from the Bible, they also get a stamp.  And there is opportunity for “extra stamps” through working on their at-home journal, being involved in the choir or other 'extras' that come up.  At certain thresholds (6 stamps, 12 stamps, 18 stamps, etc.) they can receive a prize if they want to!


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